From Concept to Completion

These pictures show the making of a copper foil panel from the initial ideas to the completed piece. The ideas are roughly drawn using pastels until the rough design of the panel becomes clear. The sketch is then re-drawn  in free hand, using pastels and to the scale of the final piece. Dark lines are then added to outline the breakdown of the glass into the different pieces needed to construct the image. From that a tracing is made to facilitate the cutting of the glass. Once each piece has been cut on the light box on top of the tracing paper, the grinder is used to smooth the edges and ensure that each glass item fits closely alongside the others. All pieces are then wrapped in copper foil (rather like sellotape on each edge) and put together on a block board, held in place by farrier nails. The panel is then soldered along each edge of foil on both sides. The solder is then blackened by the painting on of chemical flux. Lead cames are used to wrap around the edges of the panel and cement fixed under the H section on both sides. The lead is then  blackened and the whole panel thoroughly cleaned.

IMG_0793Rough Sketch IMG_0769Further Drawing to Scale with Black Lines
IMG_0770Cut Line on Tracing Paper IMG_0779Glass Smoothed on the Grinder
IMG_0782Glass Soldered on Copper Foil IMG_0783Lead Came Around the Edge Cemented
IMG_0787Completed Panel