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Each panel or window can be made to order either following an existing or new design. The price of each piece will depend on size, the intricacy of the design, the time it takes to make and the quality of the glass used. Many of my panels contain glass which is hand blown, as these pieces are highly expressive and bring a great deal of movement and depth to the finished work.

Generally, a copper foil panel of roughly 44 x 31 cm will cost approximately £165-185. These can be cheaper if the glass is less expensive. The larger lead works such as those from the Earth’s Human Shores exhibition will cost £285. Jewelry, such as the rose broaches are approximately £25.

The panels can be framed if requested. Any postage will be added to the cost of the piece. Panels can be made for front doors and windows and will need to be installed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.